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Bambini rapiti

Ho appena pubblicato sul blog l'articolo di Osservatorio Iraq sul mio nuovo libro quando ho letto questa notizia sconvolgente, ma non nuova: altri tre bambini sono stati rapiti a Gerusalemme est dall'esercito israeliano (per gli israeliani, arrestati)


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Jan 3, 2011

Israel’s mayhem against children is getting beyond every imagination. Today three young children were arrested just an hour before writing of this post.

The following updates have been published by media and/or reported and confirmed by activists on the ground in Silwan and ‘Isawiyya:

Their names are:

Mohammad Ali Dirbas
6 years old from Al ‘Isawiyya

Muath Al A’araj -
12 years old from Silwan

Child – Name awaiting confirmation
12 years old from Silwan

In a special topic about Israeli violence against children you can get an impression of the violence, abuse, torture and even death to which Palestinian children are expose due to Israeli violations and disrespect of International Laws and every moral sense possible.

Due to immense increase of the violence, the post only mentions incidents til May 2011, the following confirmed and documented cases can be found Category Children

This post will be continuously updated.

Undercover forces kidnapped a child from Issawiya village

Jerusalem Center for Media – Rami Ghraib – Asmaa Thaher
A group of undercover forces kidnapped a Maqdisi child called Muhammad Ali Moussa Daoud Derbas (6 years old) while the rest of the children managed to escape from their hands. Our correspondent said this forces were able to breaking into the outskirts of the village of Issawiya northeast of occupied Jerusalem and immediately attempted abduction of a number of children. The occupation forces threw tear gas and sound bombs at houses and trees in the district and the territory of Dahra and Elayan family lands.

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